A Quick and Healthy Meal for Less Than 15 Minutes

I’m gonna show you how to put together a quick and easy meal that you can prepare and have a bunch in advanced. This is some of my top secrets putting together a clean-eating, healthy-eating meal really quick.

Chicken breast.

A lot of people are having a hard time cooking chicken breast. They always come out dry. Now, I’m gonna show you my secret. What I usually do is I butterfly cut the chicken. Hold a sharp knife and cut it down the center. You will have two pieces. One half is usually one good portion. This technique will allow you to cook your chicken super fast while keeping it moist and delicious.

You have a few piece of chicken breast, butterfly them. Then stack them up in a bowl and seasoned them. I use a seasoning called Goya Adoba. You can use any seasoning of your choice just make sure there’s no MSG. Then squeeze some lemon or lime, up to you. I normally use half of lemon for every 4 chicken breast. Then mix the chicken and make sure they are evenly coated. Adjust the seasoning and spices to your liking.

I cook my chicken breast on the grill. Because the slices are thinner, they will cook much faster. And they’re going to be moist, too. But you can also cook your chicken breast on a stovetop.

Next thing on the plate are sweet potatoes. Some sweet potatoes are too large. You can cut them in half, or choose smaller sizes. Place them in a paper towel or use a microwave bag that allows you to steam sweet potatoes in a microwave for just 5 minutes.

While the potatoes are steam, get some spinach and gently heat a saucepan with water until steam comes out, but not boiling. You can cook as much spinach as you want. Add a bit of olive oil for flavor, season with sea salt and pepper and any other spice that you want. Cover the saucepan and cook the spinach for just under a minute.

That’s it. Easy, quick and healthy. Go get your grilled chicken, sweet potatoes and spinach and you have a great clean-eating meal for less than 15 minutes.

5 Road Trip Essentials for a Busy Mom

Here’s a fun article for you today where I share my top 5 road trip essentials.

1. Clean out the car – I know this might be a no-brainer for some and for a long time I was like “Why would I clean the car when I know it’s gonna get messy after the road trip?” But it’s a good thing to start with a clean car to be more organized and for some reason, it helps to get it cleaner longer. It’s also easier to travel when you know where every single thing is. It feels better and and everything is more enjoyable. So before any road trip, I do clean out the car. I vacuum it. I make sure that everything is wiped clean. The cupholders are empty, seats are clean, there’s space everywhere because you’re gonna be packing stuff and you don’t want last week’s trash mix with the next weeks clothes. So clean the car, give it a good vacuum and call it a day.

2. Car is ready. Make sure that all the fluids are top up, oils are changed and you have a full tank of gas before you set out. This one is really important at least for me because I had experiences of having my car not ready for the trip. It’s gonna help your trip to be a little smoother.

3. Entertainment for the kids. Let the kids pack their own bags and bring their own entertainment for a road trip. This is really important because it gives them a sense of independence. They are responsible for what they can bring. I don’t know what entertains them as well as they do – what they love changes weekly. When they were younger, I did that for them. I would pack them several different things. I would even get them a new toy or something they can play with. But now that they’re 4 and 7, I tell them to pack their own bags and choose exactly what they like to bring. They’re likely to be better entertained than if I pack their bags for them. Of course, there are always ipads and iphones but if want to step out from sitting them with electronics, you can tell them to bring their own entertainment.

4. Snack packs. I’ve had some bad experience with snacks in the car in the past. Everytime I clean the car, I always say “no more food in the car”. But let’s be honest, that’s not practical. A lot of the time, you’re just trying to get somewhere in a hurry and you’re like “just eat this so you’re not hungry”. It kinda makes a little hard. So I just try to stay away from things that can make a big mess. I try to pack things that are easier to pick up like string cheese and carrots. Granola bars are great because you have one piece of everything versus small pieces that can spill everywhere.

5. Emergency supplies. You have to be prepared and even if you think you’ll never use it, you can never tell. A few of emergency items that I keep in my car are water to keep them hydrated, extra sweatshirts, umbrella, plastic bags for trash, bandages and essential oils, alcohol, pads, flashlight and a very basic tool kit. Everything you might need for emergencies, pack them in the car.

Those are my 5 road trip essentials. I hope this help you have a better road trip. Please do share if you have road trip essentials of your own.