How to Baby-Proof Your Rugs With These Simple Tips

Carpets and rugs are becoming to be home essential must-haves. It is now common to see houses with rugs or carpets laying around, or see mothers shopping for one in a rug store or in a department store. However, one challenge that a lot of mums face when it comes to rug is its cleanliness, especially when there is a child involved in the process. It is no question that a rug or a carpet makes your home look more beautiful and appealing with them in it. But, it is also important to baby-proof your rugs.

Your baby is probably sitting, rolling, lying, or crawling all around your house, including your rugs. Your baby is most probably going to stick his or her hand in his or her mouth after doing all the activities that he or she can do while on the floor. Thus, it is very important to keep everything clean and tidy to protect the baby from harmful dirt and germs which may come from anywhere in the house. The following tips will help your rugs become safe and baby-proof so you can relax and enjoy watching your baby playing on your rug.

Minimizing Dirt. It is unavoidable to have dirt come into your house. However, this can be minimized. Every mum should know that prevention is better than cure. Thus, it is very important to place doormats in every entrance in your house. With a doormat, everyone who is about to get in your house will have the chance to wipe away any dirt that may have stuck in their shoes. This will minimize dirt from getting trapped in your rug. However, the best way to avoid dirt from getting in is to practice what Japanese do, which is removing shoes before getting in the house. You can always provide slippers that are specifically used for when inside the house. You can also provide a shoe rack where people can leave their shoes to get things organized by the entrance of your house. This basic cleanliness tip will surely keep anything that is dirty out of your house.

Use Non-Toxic Cleaning Materials. When you are shopping for cleaning materials for your rug, it is a must that you look for the ones that are not harmful to your baby. There are a lot of alternatives that you can buy that are not toxic like the regular cleaning materials that you can easily buy in the market. Always look for alternatives. In addition, you can also use what is already available in your house when cleaning the rug on your own. When spills occur, you can use blotting papers or paper towels to soak it up. Paper towels or any absorbent cloth can help minimize the spill from ever staining your rug, and thus keeping it clean. Furthermore, for other cleaning purposes, you can mix water with a mild detergent to keep your rug clean. This mixture added with vinegar can clean dirt on the spot. This mixture is safer than buying cleaning materials in the market. Keep club soda, baking soda, or cornstarch handy in your house. These materials are very useful when removing stains, bad odors, or grease.

Keeping Your Rug Dry. An additional concern to all mums out there is how to keep their rugs really dry to keep fungus, mold, or mildew from growing. If you are cleaning your rug with water, it is a must that you keep it dry under the sun. Flip the rug on each side to maximize drying. You can also use fan to hasten the drying process. However, if it is avoidable, don’t wash your rug with water. If the stains and dirt can be removed without the use of water, please do so. However, if you really need to get it cleaned with water, you also have the option to call the professionals to have it done correctly. A professional cleaner will make sure everything is safe and baby-proof so you can just relax and wait for your rug to be delivered to your home.